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What is Threading?

Threading is 5000 years old very common hair removal procedure used in several Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Persia.
Threading is based on twisting a cotton thread to make a loop. By the motion of loop we pull the hairs out. If done correctly Hairs are pulled out from the roots.
A threader uses a pure cotton thread which is rolled over hairs to pull the hairs out at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing where a single hair is pulled out, threading can remove an entire row of hairs.


It is found mainly in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. In Persian culture, it is called BANDE ABRU (ABRU means Eyebrows and BANDE means Thread).
The history of threading is not very clear, some says it stared in China, Turkey, or Persia.  In Ancient Persia threading was a sign that a girl reached adulthood and become a woman.

How it works?

A cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hairs in a twisting motion to trap the hair in the mini lasso, and lifts hair right out of the follicle.


Common method is to make a loop by putting one end in mouth or instead of mouth it can be pulled by putting in neck.
One other method is a twist in between fingers in both hands.


Here are some of the key benefits of this procedure to remove facial hairs:

  • Natural way without using chemical hot wax
  • Extremely sanitary as nothing but a cotton thread touches the skin
  • Very precise as a professional threader can shape the eyebrows as desired
  • You can pull more hairs in one loop compared to tweezing which removes one hair at a time
  • This way you can have unique polished brow line than waxing would
  • Waxing also removes the top layer of skin
  • Hot wax can lead in to a burn if not done correctly.


  • History of Threading
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Skin and hair anatomy and growth cycle
  • Health and Safety
  • Procedure/ Technique type
  • Practice time
  • After care advice
  • 100% Hands-on step-by-step instructions
  • All material needed for training
  • Certification


  • Do I need any prior requirement/ experience for the course?
    You do not need prior experience. You need to have right set of mind, Attitude, and Good eyes.
  • Do I need a license from board?
    Currently you don't need a license from Board in California. 
  • Can I open my own threading bar after this course?
    Yes, you can though its advisable only with the complete Eyebrow design course and some experience.
  • What kind of insurance I should have?
    Just like any business, you're always advised to carry approrpiate liability insurance while working with clients for your own protection as well as for client's benefit.

Type of training course

We offer several course durations to meet your schedule and interests:

Course Type Cost
One day Intense course $200
One week Course (5 working days) $450
Two month Training course –5 hours a day $1,000
6 Month complete course with eyebrows shaping $2,000

We advise a consultation before signing up for the course to see how duration may be aligned to individual student's capability and objectives.


  • $100 deposit due at registration
  • Remaining balance is due at start of class
  • Deposit is non-refundable