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1. Does Threading cut the hair on skin's surface or pulls it out?
Threading is an art to twist and pull the hair out with root. You need to use a cotton thread with right thickness for best results. If you use a thin thread, it can cut the hair on the surface.
2. Is Threading very Painful?
Threading is not painful if it done right without deep pressing the thread on skin. It is much less pain ful and irrittating than waxing.
3.What are your Walk-In hours and how does it work?
We believe in very high quality service while trying our best to accomodate customers. Thus we've established walk-in hours typically on Weekday evenings and Weekends. If you're able to plan ahead and make an appointment, you're served on priority basis without unnecessary waiting time. With walk-in hours, you have flexibility to come without an appointment and enjoy our servcies in a first-come, first-serve manner though somtimes it may result in some wait time depending on specific circumstances at that moment.
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